A miracle of salt, flour and water

Bread, as simple as it sounds is nevertheless the indisputable barometer of the quality of an establishment. Because a good bread starts by choosing “exceptional products” from carefully selected producers, all our products are selected with care, from organic farming, small producers and artisans millers who contribute to the biodiversity and the cultivation of old cereal varieties, with respect for quality. At the Chalet de la Forêt, every day, there are no less than 7 kinds of bread that are cooked in the house at noon and evening. Spelt bread, sourdough, wholemeal bread, baguette, white bread, multi-cereal, countryside and brioche bread are kneaded, shaped and cooked with know-how to be able to offer our customers a quality and a taste that make the difference. Read more

L’équipe du chalet

Do you know Kasper? Victoria? Hubert? Quentin… Delphine maybe? It is with a team of 27 people that Pascal Devalkeneer may, day after day, give things the value they have at the Chalet de la Forêt. He would like to give them the honors! Discover all the team of le Chalet .

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