Aurélie Kluyskens

For me, the Chalet is having the luxury to work with exceptional fish at the same time as having a finely tuned role at the serving hatch – rock and roll and discipline!

Frédéric Deruyck

For me, the Chalet is a unique way to approach haute cusine with a rare openness of mind that gives free rein to lots of people’s recipe books.

Delphine Buysschaert

For me, the Chalet is, from my office on the first floor, the noises that come up from the kitchen mixed with the sounds from the forest outside my open windows.

Victoria Roels

For me, the Chalet is, after a period of training, the desire to never leave this timeless institution which constantly recreates itself without every losing its soul.

Faïçal Rhayou

For me, the Chalet is a melody without any false notes that fills me with pride when, after the service, I have been able to arrange the ping pong match between the kitchen and the dining room to the best of my abilities.

Julien Othomene

For me, the Chalet is the aroma of pastry, lots of ideas to be shared and, above all, five hundred times per day, the sound of the bell at the serving hatch, which I have never tired of hearing.

Nicolas Sarpong

For me, the Chalet is the joy of having been able to move from washing dishes to the bakery. I who only knows one expression in French : “See you Monday ladies and gentlemen !”.

Abdel Khaldouni

For me, the Chalet is beyond the daily washing of dishes, happiness is to hear the chef say : “Abdel, he’s part of the family !”.