Le chalet cultivates its garden

Pascal Devalkeneer : “ It is an old dream that I kept toying with since the time when I cut my teeth alongside Roger Souvereyns at the Scholteshof . He had the most beautiful garden I was given to see in my life. I picked herbs in his vegetable garden every morning at 8am. I stuck my nose into the bouquets of herbs that were still damp with dew and I laid myself open to a whole world of aromas and sensations that then served as an inspiration for me to cook. Roger and others have always tried to dissuade me by arguing that this was an endless investment. But I always had the surface around the Chalet, which served as parking and space for events. Except that in 15 years, we barely hosted ten events. And in the end, the desire was still there, stronger than ever, to plant poetry instead of tents… „

Interview by Sandrine Mossiat

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Photos © xavierharcq.com

From inspiration to plate

Kris Vlegels captured the creative process of the Chef …

That day, the garden herbs inspired him two dishes. The bear leek and Chénopode came up a plate of snails and frogs’ legs and spell risotto while the Burnet and young cauliflower bewitched a cod with speculoos.

Photos © Kris Vlegels

L’équipe du chalet

Do you know Kasper? Victoria? Hubert? Quentin… Delphine maybe? It is with a team of 27 people that Pascal Devalkeneer may, day after day, give things the value they have at the Chalet de la Forêt. He would like to give them the honors! Discover all the team of le Chalet .

Photos© xavierharcq.com